Finally, a Web site that tells people how to effectively communicate with me and my staff. I can't wait to see what reveals about the Senate.

Joe Barton
U.S. House of Representatives

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Millions of optimistic individuals descend on Capitol Hill each year in hopes that their political agendas will be heard and acted on by legislators. However, few are ever effective at provoking change, let alone the kind of professional, consistent, and effective government relations that trade associations and full-time lobbyists deliver for their clients year after year.

In order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of "lobbyists-for-the-day", trade association legislative fly-in participants, and executives on a mission, has produced several video segments to educate each person who wants to truly be heard. We've leveraged the centuries of experience of Members of Congress, their staffs, lobbyists, and trade association executives that we've interviewed so that you can form the most successful advocacy strategy possible.

As you will learn in our videos, "everyone in America is a lobbyist, they just don't know it."

Think the government is regulating your high-tech business too much? Concerned about our crumbling highways and bridges? Want more focus on nuclear energy versus windmills? Want a post office named after your favorite uncle, the astronaut?

Washington is the place to make those concerns we will demonstrate inside.

Be Prepared for Capitol Hill:

  • Watch training videos

  • Create an effective legislative strategy

  • Participate in your trade association's legislative fly-in day

  • Continue consistent contact with your legislators and their staffs

  • Share these videos with colleagues and other concerned citizens